Founded in 1997, Nancy Sedat & Associates has gained renown as a leading speech-language pathology practice in Southern California.

In addition to our private patients, our speech-language pathologists participate in the ALS Center at UCLA, a premier research and treatment facility for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

COGNITION: Recently, there has been investigation into the efficacy of novel brain plasticity-based computerized cognitive training programs in older adults. A few of these programs have shown an improvement in memory and attention in those participants involved; there is still some debate on their efficacy. We believe individualized cognitive therapy is the best choice for our patients; we supplement our personalized therapy with computerized cognitive training programs to increase the effectiveness of cognitive training.

VOICE: Voice therapy is highly effective in restoring your voice to greater functionality, whether it be for speech, singing, or recovery after surgery. We treat professional voice users as well as the general public. 

 Did you know some studies have found that nearly 25% of seniors accept a declining quality of voice as a natural function of aging? This need not be the case. Let us design a personalized voice program for you. 

SWALLOWING: We conduct meal observations, clinical swallow evaluations, and modified barium swallow studies to thoroughly diagnose swallowing problems. We are sensitive to both the medical necessity of a safe swallow, and the personal necessity of your quality of life. We strive to honor both of these imperatives in designing a personalized treatment program for you.

SPEECH: Speech starts with voice production; subsequent manipulation of speech sounds (consonants and vowels) then creates language. Speech-language pathology is concerned with disorders of communication, including expressive language (the production of language), and receptive language (the understanding of language).

FEES AND INSURANCE: Professional fees vary according to the nature of the clinical need. We are Medicare providers and accept Medicare and a secondary as payment in full. If you have commercial insurance, you can request our billing codes prior to your initial visit and discuss estimated costs with your insurance carrier.